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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Wild Wild Web

So I admit it--I live on the web. All spare time in between work and eats and sleep, I get down to it online. You name it, I URL it-- boundaries of course.   This wild web is to me a new frontier community and we all really do have our own little cyber bubbles to travel beyond walls, over oceans, hills and tundra.  

And while my music is out there--ITunes, Rhapsody, Germany, France, England even Australia, I see a whole new world and my literate fingertips reel on the keyboard so fast, so excited, feeling so CONNECTED!!!

And there's more to tell here:

I stopped teaching two years ago. Now, I work at my music and companion an 87 year old, recently quoted in the New York Times, this octogenarian is soooooooooooooo with it in so many UNEXPECTED ways... and at dinner recently with this senior we all had a back to the past moment by opening some wine bottled in 1949. I was barely a twinkle in my airplane mechanic father's eyes then---right, Phil?

Speaking of Phil, my brother, his son and my nephew, Matt is getting married soon to his long time girlfriend, Andrea. And my niece, Amanda, I hear, is expecting a new arrival, in the wake of the autumnal winds, a small and wonderful and beautiful being.

                                              So Much to Celebrate. 

Then again, grandpa Phil, with Daisuke here in Boston, the Yankees are finding less and less to celebrate.  Ah, but the week is young and what did you say?
The "Real Rocket" Clemens is on the way and Fenway park breathes in anticipation.

From my brother and his sons among others, by the way, I have discovered that Yankees fans never lose faith.  Point in case, en route to the North Shore to sing this morning I heard local Yankees Fans in the Boston area (and no doubt beyond) defying the sports talk show host.  And what did the Boston dj say??? I thought I heard---Click, click , click. (The privilege of the host city????)
Then more calls from Yankees fans and Click, click, click, one out, two, three.....OUT!!!  In between clicks, of course, there were some pretty choice arguments from Yankees fans. 

I'm so glad we have Daisuke.  

Moving along here....

Thank you Jack Borden of www.forspaciousskies.com for these links: www.cloudappreciationsociety.org http://www.telegram.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070417/NEWS/704170387/1003/SUBURBS

And thanks to Derek Sivers for the Boston Meetup last week---you give so much.

Thanks also to my friend Michael in Germany this week for the marvelous
haircut--I've been getting all the compliments for you.

Grateful words also to Joan M.  for the beets and the main course and the mother's day visit;

and to Tomo
for great Japanese company and food------mmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmm....hope your  flight went by quickly...

And to www.CedzaDlamini.com, the fall will be here before you know it...

And prayers for Anne Williams and also for Michael and wife now living in Venezuela and coping with all that....all dealing with the more serious sacred moments of life. 

And Gregory Stuart??? What is your new email address??

And as for listening?  I recommend Mike Strickland, pianist;
                                                       www.marlenetholl.com, my dear friend
                                                       Barton at cdbaby, great student, coach, musician
                                                       Jonathan Coulton at CDbaby.com
                                                       Strunz and Farrah's Stringweave and Fantaseo
                                                       David Cullen, guitarist

Finally, to those who listen to my music, thank you for stopping by and for
fulfilling my wish for more happy ears, for more good vibe-experiences. 

We all work hard, so
also getting back to work is,

Elyse O'C

Posted at 06:03 pm by EMarie

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