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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
The Wisdom of the Heart

A couple of years ago, I made a journal entry with some concepts I created from my own experiences--- Use them to your heart's content. Elyse

To listen to the wisdom of the heart is to:

acknowledge and nurture generosity of spirit in myself and in others;

be sensitive to and appreciative of unspoken boundaries;

be serious, deliberate, joyful, and spontaneous in expressing my compassion for myself and others;

engage in empathic action;

 develop and encourage social artistry;

listen and be heard;

be courageous, honest, fair, balanced, persistent and thorough in my self observation;

temper my self expression in consideration of the rights and feelings of others;

invoke loving consideration where there once was none;

give joyfully, without expecting to get back exactly as given, not giving penny for penny, ounce for ounce of miserly giving;

have faith that God and the Universe will provide;

value all life and all experience as potential for wisdom and healing;

put the welfare of others ahead of my own where appropriate and vice versa;

experience self worth beyond separation;

engage in life more fully;

stretch beyond where I fear to go and not to risk unnecessary caution or carelessness;

humble myself before God and acknowledge my ego's trespass;

notice when my manipulations distort reality;

speak and act into the space that is;

notice the terrible two's in me that surface when I feel bored, alone or threatened;

notice that abuse has no gender, no age, no limits, no place in heaven;

participate fully in healing and stopping abuse;

prepare one's inner sanctuary for the inevitable;

come together with others in a sacred space for celebration of community;

risk telling the truth when a lie would be injurious;

take my blinders off when doing the cosmic dance;

notice where I've been, where I am, and where I am going from time to time;

notice where I am always;

nurture my body, the temple of my soul;

give myself and others the benefit of my doubts and suspicions when I can;

balance negativity with the truth;

acknowledge the harm that I have done to others as well as the harm that has been done to me;

love myself and others, for to love oneself is the first and most essential step in loving others;

gently push aside the curtain behind which the "Wizard" sits and say: The real Wizard has no curtain;

teach myself so that I can teach others

be honest with myself so that I deceive and injure others less;

beware the unexamined life, and as Socrates said  "The unexamined life is not worth living;

remember that someone who is unwilling to reflect fairly on their own behavior will eventually do needless harm to others

Posted at 01:33 pm by EMarie

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